The Journey Begins

Hi everyone,

I am Amber, and I have this thing with plants. Plants are amazing. They brighten up your home, add fresh air, make you relax, are great to look at, grow everyday and are simply something to be busy with everyday. Personally, I get so much joy out of taking care of plants. With me, many others have (re)discovered how great houseplants can be. I say rediscovered, because having houseplants is no new thing. In the seventies and eighties the houses of our moms were already filled with plants, but somewhere in the zeros a more crisp and clean home was the standard. Only in the last couple of years are plants slowly growing their way back into our hearts, and is is no wonder then that we have started to bring plants into our homes after years of having a minimal amount of green inside. This plant-craze has even inspired its own amazing hashtag #plantladyisthenewcatlady, and all over the place you can read about the latest trend of having houseplants. Well, even though it seems as a trend, having plants and taking care of them is more than a fase for most of us. For me, it started when I got one plant for my birthday a little over a year ago, and it only progressed (or regressed, it depends on how you view it) from there. Currently my plant count is on 45, but this will probably change within a week. With every plant I get, repot and propagate, I learn new things. Learning how to take care of different types of plants and how to improve their lives is so much fun, and it is this experience as well as just the joy and beauty of having houseplants that I want to share with others. I will write about basic houseplant care, how to check if your plant is still healthy, and show how fun and stylish it can be to have plants in your home. I hope that my blog inspires you, is informative and fun to read, and makes you love your own plants even more! Comments, tips and ideas are more than welcome!

Happy planting!

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