My very first houseplant

As I mentioned in my first blog, my obsession with plants all started when my friends gave me my first plant for my birthday a little over a year ago. It was my 22nd birthday, and I was about to move out of my parental home. Spread my wings. My friends gave me the very traditional houseplant to keep me company in the lonely hours away from home. It was this plant that sparked my interest in keeping plants, and introduced me quite early to propagation. I guess you are waiting to hear what magical plant I got? The Tradescantia Zebrina, also known as the wandering jew. 

In my eyes, the tradescantia is the perfect beginner plant. I know everyone is always saying that sansevierias are the best plants to begin with, but I want to disagree with that. Yes, sansevierias hardly need any watering and aren’t very needy regarding light as well, but the tradescantia is in those aspects quite similar! In my experience you can often forget about the tradescantia and It will still live. You can keep it in a shady spot or full in the sun and it will still live, turning a lighter shade of pink in full sun and a darker hue of purple in the shade. Heck, you can barely give it any space for root grow and it will still live! 

GIF of root structure
Root structure with little soil space

Also, the tradescantia grows really fast and is ridiculously easy to propagate. Just snap off a piece of the stem and stick it in the soil (or in water so you can see the roots develop!). In a matter of days roots will have grown, and your new little plant will grow as fast as the momma plant. The fact that the tradescantia is so easy to propagate absolutely fueled my interest in plants, because I got to literally share my enthusiasm with others. I would just give my friends a couple of cuttings from my tradescantia, and sometimes I even got cuttings of other plants back. Sharing my love for plants is something I really like to do, because having plants is something that has really helped me in multiple ways to find my way through a new life, and it is amazing to see others also enjoy this hobby of mine. 

So, if you are looking for a beginner plant for yourself or a friend, the tradescantia is the way to go! It is easy to take care of and propagate, and it has a very fun colour too. While the one in this post is the tradescantia zebrina, there are other types available, and they all look slightly different. They are the same to take care of, so don’t hesitate and go get yourself a tradescantia!

Happy planting!

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