I crafted (and succeeded!)

I have a confession to make. I love crafting. Always have and always will. The thing is though, I’m not very good at it. In my mind I always had the best ideas and I could picture how it looked to the last detail. Sadly, that was often where my creative side ended. I never seemed to make my ideas come true, and my crafts always kind of ended up looking like my six-year old self made them. So when the terrarium-hype kind of started I wanted to jump aboard, but was afraid I would just mess things up and kill a few plants in the process. Well..

I finally did it, and boy am I happy with the results! I made not one, not two, but THREE terrariums, and I love them all. It was such a fun process and the finished products could not have turned out better. See for yourself:

Photo of two terrariums
Two of my finished terrariums

As you might have guessed from the fact I have a blog about plants, I love nature. Plants, forests, the outdoors in general. So when I decided I wanted to make a terrarium I not just wanted to buy some moss at a garden store, I wanted to find it in the wild. So I ventured into a little park nearby, on the lookout for moss. I looked in a couple of places in the park, and I found three different types of mosses, some containing a few little plants which I thought would also do well in my terrariums. Very happy with my succes I went home with a container full of moss:

Picture of mosses
The mosses I foraged in the park

Once home I started layering my terrarium. I did some research before, and I concluded the most common way to layer a terrarium is as follows:

  • Small pebbles. These function as a water reservoir.
  • A mesh layer. This will prevent soil to fall between the pebbles. This is important, because if soil gets between the pebbles, the roots will grow there too. Seeing as the pebbles hold the water reservoir, you don’t want your roots there to prevent root rot.
  • Charcoal. This has a purifying function, preventing mold in your terrarium.
  • Soil. It really depends on what you prefer to use. Some people have their own special homemade soil mixes they swear by. I just used regular soil mixed with perlite as I use for all my plants.

After placing the layers it is up to you to decorate your terrarium! For my larger terrarium I started with placing the moss because I had some beautiful pieces I wanted to accentuate in my terrarium. Also, I knew I was only going to put in one plant (Phlebodium Aureum) because my glass container wasn’t big enough for more. So after I placed the moss and planted my fern I decorated with some rocks and larger pebbles I had around. I removed and replaced the pebbles a couple of times until I was satisfied, and then lightly watered the entire terrarium. My soil was pretty dry so I put in quite some water. I wasn’t too worried though, because you’re supposed to leave the terrarium open for about a week after making it to air it out. This way the plants can settle and excess water can still evaporate. After a week you can close it and see how it holds up! If after a few days after closing you see a lot of condensation, just take the lid of and let it air out for a couple of days. Same goes if it is too dry: just add a bit more water.

And that is basically it! It really is quite easy, and it all depends on how you want your aquarium to look. Just make sure to use plants that like some humidity, such as for example ferns, a fittonia or the coffee plant. The possibilities are endless, so go and make your own!

Happy planting!

PS. If you want to see the third terrarium I made, check out my instagram for a video of it. I promise, you will not be disappointed!

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