Spring, soon?

That first new leaf protruding from the stem, that centimeter of growth after weeks of dormancy, the first new flowers! These might be my favorite things that can happen with my plants. Although not all of my plants are dormant this winter, I do miss the ongoing signs of progress and life that I have grown so accustomed to this past summer. The house is just too silent, too unmoving these past days, weeks, months, and I really need to stop myself from trying to propagate my plants. My fingers are itching, but I know it to be wiser just to leave my plants in peace. Roots would grow too slow for my impatience anyway, and the risk of losing those precious leafs and centimeters is just too high. So for now I take a step back, watering less, fussing less, but nonetheless checking on my plant babies everyday. I just can’t help myself. They are too interesting and too beautiful to just don’t even look at them. But spring, please hurry up and cast your magic light into my home, filling it with brightness and life once again. 

Love, an impatient plant parent

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