Lessons I learned the hard way

Every plantparent, whether a newbie or more experienced, makes mistakes regarding the care of their beloved plants. We are humans after all, and mistakes are part of humankind. Although often made with the best intentions, mistakes regarding plant care can mean the end of your plants. So, in order to spare you from making the same mistakes... Continue Reading →

Pick the spot

Welcome back! Last week I talked about things to look out for when shopping for plants in big garden centers (popularity, price and pests). I hope this helped a bit in picking out the perfect (and healthy) plant for your home. Now, you’ve brought your new green friend home, and you are probably deciding where... Continue Reading →

Popularity, price and pests

- things to avoid when plant shopping So, you got the taste of plant parenthood, and you want to buy more plants to fill your home with that greeny goodness? Awesome, you should definitely get yourself more plants. As I mentioned in my first post, they clean your home, make you relax (literally, plants reduce... Continue Reading →

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